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 How to connect and navigate your vendor admin panel

Vendor panel example with connected PayPal and Stripe accounts

How to apply for a vendor account

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How to connect your PayPal account and your Stripe account

1. You first have to open a PayPal Account
2. Open a Stripe Account
3. Once you have your accounts details connect to your vendor admin panel
4. Click on your Account image on the left panel
5. Select Seller Info
6. Under General Tab, scroll down the page and click on  Connect with Stripe  Standard button
7. Stripe connection page with open, enter your password and connect your account
 8. Your stripe account connected to Inasbay 

 To connect your PayPal Account

1. Once you have your accounts details connect to your vendor admin panel
4. Click on your Account image on the left panel
5. Select Seller Info
6. Click on the PayPal tab, and click on  Connect with PayPal  button
7.PayPay connection page will open, enter your password, and connect your account to the Insabay account.
Change your password and update your profile
1. connect to your vendor admin panel
2. Click on your Account image on the left panel
5. Select Edit Profil
How to add your delivery methods to your Inasbay store.

1. connect to your vendor admin panel

2.  Click on your Settings then Shipping Methods on the left panel 3. Click the + button in the upper-right corner to add a new shipping method, or choose one of the existing methods to configure it. On the General tab, set this method's Rate calculation to any variant of Manual (by rate areas).

3.  Go to the Shipping time and rates tab.

4. Decide where your shipping method will be offered. To do this, choose rate areas from the dropdown list. If there is a rate area in the store which you did not include in the shipping method, orders will not be delivered in this area.

If a certain rate area does not exist in your store, you can add it. This is only necessary if you add different conditions and availability/unavailability of delivery to this area.

5. (optional) Specify the Shipping time value for each rate area. If a rate area has its own shipping time, it will be displayed to customers from this area instead of the Delivery time from the General tab.

6. Specify the Rate for each rate area. The delivery will be free if you leave the Rate field empty (equal to zero by default).

7. Add different conditions for each rate area. There are three types of conditions:

  • Price condition — the surcharge/discount depends on the total order amount.
  • Weight condition — the surcharge/discount depends on the weight of products in the order. 
  • Items condition — the surcharge/discount depends on the number of products in the order.
The rates within each section are not summed up.  Let’s use the Price condition as an example: If the order cost exceeds $0.00, the Surcharge / Discount is $20.00. If the order cost exceeds $50.00, the Surcharge/Discount value increases to $30.00. In this case, after specifying the condition from $50.00, you need to enter $30.00 (not $10.00) in the Surcharge / Discount field.