Return policy

Return & Exchange Policy

How to Return or Exchange an Item on Inasbay

Quick Answer

You may be able to return, exchange, or request a refund for your order, depending on the shop’s policies. You must contact your seller to request a return, return label, refund, or exchange. 

If you need to return or exchange an item, the seller you purchased your order is the best person to help you. Inasbay sellers manage their orders and make decisions about cancellations, refunds, and returns. 

How do refunds and returns work on Inasbay?

Sellers aren’t required to accept returns, exchanges, or provide a refund unless stated in their shop policies. Go to the shop's homepage and scroll to the bottom to see the shop's policies.

If the seller is willing to accept this return, be sure to settle on the details in a message before returning the item:

  • Where should you send the return
  • What time frame does the seller wish to receive the return
  • Who will be responsible for the cost of return shipping, if not written in the shop's policies
  • What shipping method to use 

What should I do if the seller doesn’t refund my order or if the seller doesn’t accept returns?

If the seller doesn’t allow refunds or returns, you may be able to open a case with Inasbay.  Cases can be opened if:

  • You never receive your order
  • Your order wasn’t as it was described on Inasbay

What are shop policies?

Inasbay sellers are responsible for refunds, exchanges, and returns policies. Policies vary from shop to shop.

Before making a purchase, you should review the shop’s Returns & Exchange policy. You can find the shop’s policies on the listing page under Shipping & returns or by going to Shop policies and More information on their shop homepage.

The seller wasn’t able to help me.

If the seller cannot help you, your next step is to open a case about your order.

I checked out as a guest.

If you checked out as a guest, you could claim your order to get help.

To claim an order, you purchased as a guest.

  • Open your email inbox.
  • Locate the email receipt you received when you placed your order. This email is sent from
  • Select View your order.
  • Follow the steps to sign in or create an Inasbay account. The account you link your guest order to must have the same email address you used for your guest order. Your order is automatically connected to your Inasbay account.
  • Once you’ve claimed your order, you can choose that order and contact the seller for help.

I still need help

Contact us if you messaged the seller, opened a case, and didn’t receive the help you need.