Sellers Guide

What to Sell on Inasbay

If you’re unsure what to sell on Inasbay, you’re in the right place. Understanding what to sell on Inasbay or through your own fulfillment process can make a huge difference in your company’s bottom line. And the truth is that figuring out what to sell on Inasbay to make money requires you to take many of the same steps you’d take selling a product anywhere. From conducting market research and finding a target audience to coming up with keywords, this guide includes benefits of e commerce to business and plenty of suggestions to help you figure out what to sell on Inasbay.

In this guide, we will breakdown:

  • The stats behind best-selling products on Inasbay
  • What it takes for a private label product to be profitable
  • Finding what to sell on Inasbay by giving you examples of some of the most successful product listings and categories on Inasbay
  • Some of the tools and strategies you can start using today to make money selling on Inasbay


Ecommerce Best Sellers (by % of sales)

One way to determine what to sell on Inasbay is to look at best sellers. Seeing which items sell most on the E-commerce platforms can help guide your business decisions. For those curious to know what to sell on Inasbay to make money. Below are the best-selling categories of E-commerce mainly in Canada, measured by the percentage of sales: 

  • Electronics (44%)
  • Clothing/Jewelry (43%)
  • Home & Kitchen (39%)
  • Beauty/Personal Care (36%)
  • Books (33%)
  • Cell Phones/Accessories (28%)
  • Movies & TV (25%)
  • Pet Supplies (20%)
  • Sports/Outdoors (17%)
  • Groceries (15%)


Let’s better understand what is selling well within each category.



For a good reason, clothing and jewelry are the second most popular category on E-commerce platforms in Canada. For many, eCommerce platforms are a great source of affordable apparel, from basic white tees and sneakers to activewear and swimsuits. Whether a shopper is looking for a cute pair of earrings or a winter jacket, online shopping is the first entry, and Inasbay is a one-stop shop for a wide selection of apparel. So, if you’re unsure what to sell on Inasbay, clothing or jewelry may be a good choice. 

Home & Kitchen

Home and kitchen is a broad category encompassing everything from furniture to kitchen appliances. Whether a couple furnishing their apartment or a student outfitting their college dorm room, E-commerce platforms are a great resource for affordable home goods. 

Individuals can get everything they need at a low price and often in bulk. Sellers can capitalize on Inasbay's popularity in this area by offering home essentials such as silverware, glassware, hangers, bed sheets, pots and pans, and more. 

Beauty & Personal Products

Where does one turn when it’s time to get more deodorant or hand lotion? For many, the go-to marketplace for beauty and personal products is Inasbay. 

When deciding what to sell on Inasbay, many sellers choose beauty and personal products because they’re items people need to reorder multiple times. After all, products such as makeup and hand soap only last so long before you need to order more. 


Amazon was originally created as a platform to sell books online; it’s no surprise that books are still successful in that category all these years later. 

Customers can use Inasbay to purchase new and used books at very low prices. Plus, one can find many genres on Inasbay. Potential sellers who aren’t sure what to sell on Inasbay to make money might consider turning to books, as long as they can sell in-demand books at a relatively low price. 

Cell Phone & Accessories

Sellers advertise a wide range of cell phones and related products all over the internet, from refurbished iPhones to novelty phone cases. As a seller who’s thinking about what to sell on Inasbay, cell phones and accessories can be a great market to tap into. Cell phone accessories in particular, can be lucrative since many people are constantly searching for a brand new phone case, fresh screen protectors, and extra chargers. 

Pet Supplies

Many pet owners find e-commerce platforms as a convenient solution that allows them to attend to the needs of their beloved pets. Pet owners can order dog food in bulk, poop bags, cat toys, and more. 

So, if you’re unsure what to sell on Inasbay, consider creating a product that caters to animal lovers. This way, you’ll be able to turn a profit while making both pets and their owners very happy.



Sports and outdoors is a big category encompassing many unique products. Of course, this category includes all of the basics as well. Outdoor enthusiasts can shop for camping equipment like tents and camping chairs. Workout fanatics can find a selection of fitness apparel to complement their active lifestyle. 

However, those who don’t yet know what to sell on Inasbay may want to consider the more niche aspects of the sports and outdoors category. Think products like branded sports apparel, inflatable inner tubes, backyard games, and more. This can allow you to capitalize on your target audience without facing intense competition in many cases. 


What Makes a Profitable Product?

If a profitable product listing were a cake you wanted to bake, you would need to know the ingredients first. Let’s look into this in more detail:


Problems require solutions. Therefore, a profitable product requires a problem that needs solving. When you are tracking down what to sell on Marketplaces, ask yourself the following questions so you’ll be able to choose the right product for your Inasbay store:

  • Is there a gap in the market for a product that remedies a popular problem? Once you’ve chosen your niche/category, create a list of the top issues within the industry (hint hint: negative reviews are a great place to start…).
  • Look at the average cost of a product category is already saturated with enough “good” products. Are they pricing out a significant amount of their customers? Is there a cheaper way to manufacture the same product to sell at a more affordable price point? 
  • Is there a niche that’s not properly satisfied by a winning product? Sure, these may be smaller ponds to fish in – but collect enough ponds, and you’ll eventually have a lake. A good place to start when niche-hunting is within some of your own unique interests and passions. What would you buy if you were searching for a new product?



We mentioned finding market gaps as a great entry point for finding the best products to sell on Inasbay as an e-commerce seller. One of the best ways to do this is through product research, specifically focusing on product reviews. You can achieve this data in several ways.


A profitable product listing begins with a high-traffic keyword – scratch that – multiple high-traffic keywords.

Finding popular keywords with low to moderate competition is key to capturing organic traffic to your product.