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Purchasing from Inasbay: What You Should Know Before You Buy

In the last two years, internet buying (also known as e-commerce) has been one of the most significant transitions toward a more digital society. However, not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of ordering on Inasbay. Don't be concerned! Purchasing from Inasbay isn't as complicated as it may appear. In our Guide, you'll learn everything you need to know, from how to shop safely on Inasbay to getting the best prices on Inasbay, and much more!

  1. Browsing on Inasbay

Are you undecided about what you want to buy? There's no need to be concerned; Inasbay is a fantastic internet location for 'window shopping.' Inasbay was created as an e-commerce platform where you can buy almost everything you can imagine (or would never even think of, like this Chicken Harness and Leash, for example). So feel free to browse Inasbay and scroll through their various categories. It's impossible to predict what will catch your curiosity.

2. Searching on Inasbay

Sometimes you just need that one specific item delivered quickly and for free. With the search box prominently located at the top of the page, searching on Inasbay is a breeze. You can choose to filter your search by category or use All categories if you're unsure which category your item belongs in. Searching on Inasbay is a reasonably basic process especially when you know precisely what you want to buy, making online purchasing super convenient.

3. Parts of a Product Page

Let’s assume you found the item that you are looking for in your search results. Once you click on the page there are a few sections that you’ll want to pay attention to. Here we’re going to do a quick overview of the parts of a product page. 

4. Product Photos

Photos might be deceiving at times, but a fast glance at the images can help you figure out if you're receiving what you want. This part may contain a number of photographs and even movies. Examine them thoroughly.

5. Product Name, Price and Quality

The name is usually prominently displayed, the price (usually in red) is what you would expect to pay for the product, and the quality may be assessed by reading the product description and paying close attention to the customer reviews. We'll get to those areas right away.

6. Product Description

What is the product's dimensions? What are the materials used to make it? What are the requirements? Are the batteries included if it's an electronic item? Is there a charger included? Is the item in stock or out of stock? Read the product description carefully to understand what is included in the product you are about to purchase.

7. Analyze The Merchant and Delivery Options

Not all of the items are "Inasbay" items. The majority of commodities are sold by merchants that use the Inasbay platform to do so. It's critical to know whether the item you're about to purchase will be fulfilled by Inasbay or by a merchant. Who, in the end, is responsible for delivering your goods and providing an essential follow-up customer service? Inasbay's typical return policy is 30 days from the date of shipment receipt. On Inasbay, the majority of merchants provide the same service, but not all. This is something you might want to think about.

8. Analyze The Reviews

Inasbay's reviews section is where you can get the authentic thoughts of people who have purchased the goods you are interested in. When analyzing the reviews, take the following in mind:

  • Make sure to filter the reviews so that they are Verified Purchases only. 
  • The reviews section is usually arranged according to “top-rated” reviews, but you might find it more useful to sort it according to the “most recent” reviews, as sometimes products change, and the quality might be affected. 
  • If there are multiple versions of the same product being sold (i.e. different scented candles, different sizes, different models, different flavours, etc.) then be sure to pay attention to the product noted in the review, because one version may be better than the other, and you’ll want to know that the product they are talking about is the one you have your eyes set on.

9. Customer Questions and Answers 

I normally spend the rest of my time on the Questions and Answers section of the page looking for answers to my questions. You can ask specific questions regarding the item here, and anyone who has ever purchased it will be notified, and some will even respond. First, examine if your question has already been asked in the question and answer section (and answered). If not, feel free to inquire!

10. Creating Your Wish List

Wish lists on Inasbay are useful in a variety of ways. In one situation, you're browsing Inasbay when something strikes your eye that you'd like to buy later but aren't ready to buy right now. You can add that item to your wish list to make it easier to find when you're ready.

Another fantastic benefit of wish lists is that they help people figure out what to get you as a gift. Consider it a gift registry that you may make public or invite specific people, such as family and friends, to view what you're interested in. They'll know exactly what to get you for your birthday or the holidays!

A wish list can also be used to keep track of products that you acquire on a regular basis (makeup, toiletries, batteries, pet food, etc.). You won't have to go through the hassle of searching for products again because you'll be able to refer to your wish list.

Making a wish list is a simple procedure. Simply go to Your Lists and click the Create a List button in the top right corner. You can add items to your list while on the product page by selecting Add to List from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the page. You can have multiple lists, so choose which one you want it to appear on and that's all there is to it.

11. Setting Up Your Payment Methods

So you have your items in your cart and you’re ready to buy. Inasbay doesn’t store your credit cards detail, so you have to enter your card details on every purchase you make. Inasbay accepts all major payment methods, this includes credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and even gift cards. 

12. Setting Up Your Shipping Addresses

Your address is registered during the account creation, so you can just proceed to payment if you use the same address for shipping.

however, you still have the choice to select a different shipping address during your checkout 

13. How To Buy Safely on Inasbay

Inasbay is a very safe marketplace and E-commerce site, it stands out on the market with these features:

  • Inasbay does not store your credit cards details; you have to enter your details every time you make a purchase
  • Inasbay verifies the compliance of every product before it appears on its’ website
  • Every vendor needs to comply with the strict regulations before being allowed to sell on Inasbay

Despite these security measures you need to adopt general good practices while shopping. Counterfeit merchandise, phoney reviews, and off-brand products that deceptively market as popular counterparts are all frauds to be careful of. While the majority of merchants have a reasonable return policy, there is no guarantee that they all follow the same guidelines.

As a result, you may want to filter your items so that only those sold via Inasbay are displayed. This will very certainly increase the quality of the products you'll see, reducing the chances of less relevant and lower-quality results.

Thankfully, there are technologies available to assist in the identification of false reviews. A product may appear to have glowing evaluations at first sight, but a closer examination reveals that the figures are distorted. Fakespot is a tool that assists you to account for any possibly unnatural reviews, giving you a better understanding of whether or not the reviews are genuine.

When you look at items like the Seller's Name, the Manufacturer, and Product Details, as well as whether the product is Fulfilled by Inasbay or not, you can tell if a product on Inasbay is reliable and trustworthy.

14. Further information

To begin with, Inasbay's prices are already among the lowest in the industry, but if you take advantage of various discounts, daily deals, coupons, special promotions, and more, you'll discover that you can really get some excellent deals!

Here are some ways you can get cheap things on Inasbay. 

  • On Sale section

Check out the on-sale section link at the main menu of the Inasbay page to find out what items are on sale.  are items that are on sale sometimes for just 24 hours. Depending on the item, you can save anywhere from 20 to 90 percent off the original prices. There may not be a huge selection, but pay attention to it often enough and you could really save some cash and find cheap things on Inasbay!

  • New Items section

The New Items section link at the main menu is where new items are published, and many new items (Products) are launched with limited promotions and sometimes for just 24 hours. Depending on the item, you can save anywhere from 20 to 90 percent off the original prices. There may not be a huge selection, but pay attention to it often enough and you could really save some cash and find cheap things on Inasbay!

15. Extra Tips on Buying from Inasbay

  • Saving on Shipping Fees

If you want to avoid the shipping fees is to wait until your order comes to a total cost of $100 or more. This way you’ll be able to take advantage of the free standard delivery of 3-5 business days. It’s truly one of the best ways to get free shipping. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the delivery address must be within Canada or the United States to qualify. 

16. Exchanges & Returns on Inasbay

The process of returning or exchanging an item you’ve purchased on Inasbay can vary depending on the seller/manufacturer and who has shipped the package. 

In some cases, you may need to return the original item and place a new order (taking on the delivery prices of getting the item shipped back) and in other cases, you can go through the process via the Return or replace items section in the Your Orders and the return policy pages. Here, you can follow the step-by-step process of submitting your reason for return. 

Be sure to return the original item within 30 days of being shipped in order to avoid getting charged for both items!

17. Buying In Bulk from Inasbay

Inasbay tries to make things convenient not only for retail buyers but for businesses as well. With the same account, you have access to bulk orders for products that are in completely new condition!