How to became a seller

How to Start Selling on Online Marketplace

  1. Go to Choose your plan ( and choose your vendor plan. 
  2. Apply for a vendor account and fill in the form with your business details and click submit
  3. You can view this video here: 
  1. You will receive a mail with your login username and a password to access your mini store panel
  2. Go here to login to your admin panel. 
  3. View these videos to help you configure your store
  4. Upload your products and start selling. 

Note: Your products will not appear on the marketplace until reviewed and approved by our sales.

Technology has made the question of How to Sell on an Online Marketplace easier than ever, which is appealing to both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing shops. However, with so many alternatives accessible, it can be difficult to choose the best platform to sell on.

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