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I bought a gift on inasbay.com.au via VPN since I'm based elsewhere. They "detected suspicious activity" on my account and froze my account on the platforms. Now I had to provide evidence that it was in fact me, who ordered (which I did) and promised to review within 1-3 days. It's been a week and my account is still frozen.
I recently came upon Inasbay, and I think it's a fantastic place to purchase online because it has a little bit of everything you would need. On Inasbay, I frequently purchase clothing and gifts for my granddaughter. Additionally, they provide excellent things for just about anything you might imagine, from makeup to gardening equipment. Additionally, the delivery service is first-rate; if you buy items with FREE Delivery, you receive the same level of care as if you had paid for expedited shipment. The pricing are quite fair, and the goods are excellent and not poorly built. The ideal location for internet purchasing is Inasbay.
Low costs on a "cheap" website, at least up until last year Since the average cost of shipping over a year is roughly one euro, ordinary shipping on Inasbay ranges from three to five euros. Despite delays, the majority of the things were delivered to the home (1 month and more). I don't understand why Liege, which is in Belgium, is considered to be in Italy (when I look about tracking inside this site, they claim goods have just arrived in destination country, but in reality they are in Belgium). Goods then undergo a lengthy "trip" before reaching my nation.
My order, with the number *******6468952556, was made in March of this year. The first week of May was the scheduled delivery date for me. I received an email on 4/1/22 informing me that my item had been dispatched. I have tried to contact selller (GKTools) and Inasbay regarding my unfulfilled order, but to no avail. At the end of May, I made a refund request. The chatbot informed me that I will receive my refund in 2–20 days. I still haven't got anything since July is almost here. It's obvious that I'm getting the runaround.
It's interesting to shop on Inasbay. You can purchase certain high-end, fashionable clothing items for reasonable prices, however shipping times vary depending on the vendor. For each and every store you purchase from, you MUST conduct your own research and check online reviews to determine the exact shipping time. No matter what, shipping will take some time (I believe my stuff took upwards of 2-3 weeks), as far as I'm aware, and at least to the United States, it comes as cargo.
AWESOME! I love it.
I tried this marketplace with a small purchase to ensure that everything worked as it claimed to be. I bought a 20$ ring, and everything went well and was easy...and I also been able to check the seller's details, address, the name ..etc... I received my ring in two days with post-Canada. I am happy with my experience, and I check it every few days to see more exciting products to buy.
You guys have the BEST customer service known to man!!! I have always been impressed with how fast you help us out!
You're the best! Thank you most graciously and appreciatively!